Theatre & Performance Etiquette

Attending the ballet is a shared experience between both the audience and the dancers. Here is some information to make the most of your experience on attending a Maple Youth Ballet performance.

Performances Start On Time

There is no such thing as “fashionably late” for a performance so, to make it an enjoyable experience and that of others, we suggest that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early. If you are purchasing or picking up tickets, please allow additional time.

Coppelia Scene

This will give you enough time to enjoy some refreshments, use the facilities and read through the program notes without using those annoying little flashlights or lights from cell phones during the performance. Arriving early will also keep you safe from stumbling, possibly getting injured or injuring someone else, when trying to maneuver through a dark theatre while trying to find your seats.

Sometimes unexpected circumstances make it impossible to arrive on time. If you arrive late, please wait patiently in the lobby or in the back of the theatre until there is a break in the performance before taking your seat. Or take an empty seat in the back and wait until intermission to move to your assigned seat.

Turn Off Cell Phones & Pagers

Turn off any cell phones, pagers and alarmed watches before the performance. Also, be aware that it’s inappropriate to text message during the performance.

No Photography or Videotaping During the Performance

Photography and video recording devices of all kinds are not allowed. Besides being distracting to fellow audience members, flash photography is dangerous to the performers!

And be advised that it is also not permissible to photgraph or videotape the sets & costumes without the permission of the Maple Youth Ballet directors.

Please Refrain From Talking During the Performance

MYB Nutcracker

To make the performance enjoyable to you and your fellow audience members, please, reserve talking, whispering and comments for intermissions and after the performance.

Also, please let children know what behavior is expected of them. In consideration of the performers, as well as other audience members, please let children know that they will be required to sit quietly in their seats for an extended period of time.

No Eating or Drinking Inside the Theatre


Food and drinks are not allowed in the theatre. However, we usually will provide refreshments, drinks and snacks before the performances and during intermission.

Also, no matter how one tries to muffle the sound, candy wrappers can always be heard within a 10-seat radius. If you know you need a cough drop or mint, please make sure that they are unwrapped before the performance begins.

After the Performance Ends

Applaud! When the performance is over, show your appreciation by applauding for the performers. In some performances, you might hear people applaud or cheer during the performance, and sometimes that’s OK. But often the audience holds their applause until after each dance performance has ended.

Also, at the end of the performance there is usually a curtain call. This is when the dancers come on stage to receive your appreciation. Don’t leave during the curtain call. Wait until it is over and then exit with the rest of the audience.

Thank you and we hope that you will enjoy our Maple Youth Ballet performance!