Training Philosophy

The Maple Conservatory staff & faculty have designed a dance training program to support a careful, thought-out philosophy, which is as follows:

Our Conservatory Program Emphasizes Exceptional Training And Performance Opportunities

Exceptional Ballet Training


Our curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of outcome-based guidelines that combines respected ballet principles with cutting-edge knowledge of biomechanics, kinesiology, and injury prevention. It represents the best elements from the Royal Academy, French school, Cecchetti method, Vaganova, and Danish schools of ballet and promotes a purely classical ballet technique without affectations. This gives our students the ability to easily adapt to and meet the demands of all styles of choreography and techniques of dance.

ABT Curriculum
Our curriculum is based on the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough, eight-level program that combines high-quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development.

Our formidable curriculum emphasizes a strong classical technique and a flow of movement that suggests a sense of energy, freedom, and joy—reflecting the kind of dancing favored by major ballet companies. It is a style that readily adapts to meet the demands of any choreographer, company or type of movement.

We believe that ballet is the foundation of all dance. Our class sizes are small enough to facilitate one-on-one attention and help the students clearly understand the training concepts.

The Maple Conservatory faculty & staff also believe that learning how to perform on the stage is an important aspect of a student’s longterm training. And the experience of performing in both corps roles (group dances), as well as soloist roles are crucial for a dancer who aspires to go on to a dance career.

Note: Costumes for Maple Youth Ballet performances are provided by the Maple Youth Ballet at no extra charge.

Healthy Dancers Are A Priority

Dance is a wonderful physical activity for children as well as adults. Whether one is dancing at a recreational level or training with professional aspirations, all students are susceptible to injury. One of the worst things than can happen to a dancer is a serious injury.

At the Maple Conservatory of Dance we strive to promote dancers’ health by instituting the following measures and practices:

  • Application of training principals and methods that emphasize correct technique and proper body alignment.
  • Identification of potential anatomical risks.
  • A carefully planned program of classes, which are age and developmentally appropriate, thereby avoiding common overtraining and overuse injuries.
  • Procedures and policies in place to monitor, track and avoid potential serious injuries.
  • All technique classes begin with a warm up and joint mobilization routine.
  • Referrals to appropriate health professionals as warranted.
  • Formal evaluations for pointe work readiness.
  • Student and parent lectures on injury prevention topics.

Injuries can become chronic so it is best to avoid injuries from occurring in the first place. It is our firm belief that dancers should train in a manner that supports a lengthy professional career or life-long enjoyment rather than reaching short-term objectives.

We Do Not Sacrifice Class Time for Rehearsals

We rarely use class time for rehearsing. Our Maple Conservatory staff & faculty do not believe in sacrificing class time — which is reserved for learning and improving dance technique — for memorizing dance routines and rehearsing for upcoming performances. Rehearsals for upcoming performances are almost always scheduled outside of regular class time.

Private Lessons Are an Option — Not a Requirement

Private lessons are an option at the Maple Conservatory and are not a standard or regular part of our dance training program. Private lessons are usually only arranged for a student’s need to work on a specific issue with technique. Private lessons at the Maple Conservatory are outcome-based and are almost always short-term.

We believe our Conservatory’s strong dance curriculum and excellent faculty gives our students the highest level of training in the classroom, thus, making the expense of ongoing, continuous private lessons unnecessary. Learn more about Conservatory Alumni

We Are Not a “Competition School”

The Maple Conservatory does not coach competition dance teams. Conservatory students who wish to compete as individuals are not discouraged from doing so. However, the emphasis at our Conservatory is on dance training and performing in a supportive atmosphere, which nurtures confidence as well as individual success, and not on preparing for dance competitions.

For those who are interested in competing, coaching and choreography sessions can be arranged on an individual basis. Our Conservatory students have successfully competed in the Youth America Grand Prix, the Prix de Lausanne, the Los Angeles Music Center’s Spotlight Awards, National Foundation for the Arts YoungArts Competition, and the Orange County Performing Arts Center’s Tomorrow’s Stars program. Learn more about Conservatory Alumni


Please contact us at (949) 669-9930 to learn more about our Conservatory classes & programs and how to enroll. Or stop by our location to speak with our Conservatory staff.