This is one of the best ballet programs in the country.  Charles Maple is wonderful.  Other teachers are top-notch, also. This program’s teachers succeed.  My kids improved so much here.  It was a very welcoming atmosphere, both with teachers and other students. – S. Augustine, Parent of Summer Intensive Students
My daughter was enrolled in the conservatory since its inception. This is serious ballet taught by amazing, professional, accomplished instructors-most of them former dancers with highly respected companies. Their focus is on training and providing the kind of performing experiences for their students that will give them a solid foundation in ballet. – Dana W.
From the time my daughter started at Maple 6 years ago as a tyke with dreams of being a ballerina yet a shyness of performing in front of people, it has been nothing short of amazing to experience the transformation in her confidence level. Not only is she comfortable performing on stage, her confidence in who she is and her interactions at school and with others is something that will serve her well her entire life. I know some dads measure their daughters success based on trophies and medals, but I wouldn’t trade what Maple has instilled in my daughter for 100 meaningless awards. Peter W. – Proud Dad.

 I was a student of Charles Maple back at Ballet Pacifica. He choreographed my audition piece for numerous schools, as well as wrote me a letter of recommendation for college/ dance schools. After graduating from high school I spent a year in New York at the Ailey School auditioning for companies and shows. Although still passionate about dancing, I decided that a career in dance was not for me and opted to attend UC Berkeley. In 2011 I graduated from UC Berkeley Cum Laude with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, and soon after got a career position working in a lab in the same department. This year I am applying to medical school in hopes of gaining acceptance into an MD/PhD program in Molecular Biology and eventually going into medical research. Although my life has taken a very different course since the last time we spoke, I firmly believe that I would not be who I am today without the skills and lessons that I learned from dance. Dance has been instrumental in giving me the tools needed to be a good doctor, as well as fortifying the character needed to be successful in medical school. When I look back on my dancing days, Charles Maple was a key figure in my experience. – G. Davis